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Cerebral Palsy Commission

The Cerebral Palsy Commission is the governing board of directors for the J. D. McCarty Center for children with developmental disabilities. The commission was established in 1948, when what is now the McCarty Center was converted from a private treatment center, founded and operated by the 40 et 8 of Oklahoma, to a state agency. The 40 et 8 is a veterans organization that was formed after World War I.

One way the 40 et 8 was allowed to stay involved with the center they had created was by nominating candidates for the commission to the Governor of Oklahoma for appointment. To date, most of the Cerebral Palsy Commissioners have been members of the 40 et 8 of Oklahoma.

Commissioners are appointed for three-year terms and maybe reappointed by the Governor to a new three-year term.

Until 2004, the Cerebral Palsy Commission was made up of three members. In 2004, the McCarty Center asked for and received a change in their statute that expanded the commission to five members. The intent of this change was to expand and diversify the knowledge, skill base and perspective of the commission. Members of the commission are still nominated by the 40 et 8 of Oklahoma, but the nominees are no longer exclusively members of the 40 et 8.

The current Cerebral Palsy Commission is composed of:

Joseph Steil, Noble, Oklahoma

Rob McCalla, Tecumseh, Oklahoma

Karen Rieger, Norman, Oklahoma

William Hart, Yukon, Oklahoma

Chuck Thompson, Norman, Oklahoma

Leave a message for the commisssioners at 405-307-2808